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What All the Billion Dollar Beauty Companies I am Researching Have in Common

What All the Billion Dollar Beauty Companies I am Researching Have in Common

I’m writing a book! And it’s all about building billion-dollar beauty brands. I have set out to research some of the best and most influential makeup companies in the industry in pursuit to find highly valuable information that can be used by the next entrepreneur ready to launch their own beauty brand. On this blog, I will share sneak peeks of the content I am writing fro the book that is expected to launch in July 2020!
As seen from the title, this blog will talk about, the three things I’ve seen every billion-dollar beauty brand has in common. Many of the companies I have researched have successfully reached billion-dollar valuations. While researching each individual company, I was able to see that most companies had unique elements of the marketing mix, but they also had several elements that were in common. Well, here the top three:

Shop The Look

The companies that I looked into such as, Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, and Glossier all had one similar element on their website platforms. They all had a “shop the look” section. Glossier and Huda Beauty display images of makeup look done by Instagram influencers and loyal followers of the brand. They showcase these looks as a way to show their products in action and inspire consumer browsing through the website. If a certain look caught the eye, maybe a consumer would want to but it and recreate the look for themselves. Fenty and Kylie Cosmetics similarly have a shop the look page with images of the respective celebrity, their iconic looks, and a link to the products that will help the consumer create the look at home.  

Active Social Media Profiles

Quite obviously, all these beauty brands also have very active and interactive social media profiles. All these brands actively use their social media profiles to reshare content from loyal fans, share new product launches, and generally provide engaging content that the consumer would enjoy. 


Lastly, most of the billion-dollar brands also have blog content pages where they share general life hacks, insider celebrity and industry information, makeup tips, and DIYs. Glossier has a full website dedicated to engaging content called Into the Gloss. Huda Beauty has a youtube channel as well as a blog page on her main website where consumers can find interesting articles and give them a good read.

As I continue to research these brands, I hope to find more lessons that I can share with all of you through my book. Till it’s launch, I hope to keep updating this blog with interesting information from my book, as a way to build excitement just in time for the launch.

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